Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Real estate is a cyclical business with ups and downs dictated by the state of the world economy and other factors.  Peggy Palms and the team at Mountain Realty know about opportunities for real estate investors regardless of the economic condition of the market. Even in difficult times, real estate investors can still make a great return of investment if they find the right property at an ideal price. With property values declining over the years, its a great time to buy investment real estate.

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There are many ways one may choose to invest in real estate. One approach is to retain the property over time and wait until its price rises. This is prone to the cyclical behavior of the markets but if done properly can be a conservative means to a long term gains.  The buy and hold strategy, combined with creative seller financing or rental programs have the added advantage of generating liquid income.

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Peggy Palms and the professional team at Mountain Realty offer a number of properties for sale at low prices, thanks to their expertise in handling distressed properties. Their company matches property owners that need to sell with buyers who need to buy to find a find the ideal solution and a win-win scenario that benefits all their clients.

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For further information about investing in real estate for safe, high yield returns fully secured by mortgage deeds, call for a free consultation with Peggy Palms & Associates and Peggy Palms, attorney, author, and real estate expert.  For more information on purchasing properties in the beautiful North Carolina mountains, contact Peggy Palms and Mountain Realty.